As a proud partner of ESET Cyprus, on 23/9/21, MAPiTek hosted the 2021 Cybersecurity and Data Protection Workshop presenting new Security Solutions at Limassol while enjoying lunch by the sea with customers and associates.

Cybersecurity has become a very popular topic lately, for this reason, we showcased our latest security solutions with our very experienced, knowledgeable and reliable partner ESET Cyprus to present bundle product offerings that provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for the businesses of all sizes and enables them to manage and mitigate risks emerging from the ever-growing threat landscape.

The new digital era includes remote working, for this reason, we introduced our security to protect all businesses:

  • Full Anti virus/malware solutions with intelligent detecting sensors
  • Endpoint Detection and response
  • Advanced protection for Microsoft O365 applications
  • Full Disk encryption
  • Multifactor authentication

Data Loss Prevention was the main focus of our event in which many showed great interest

We demonstrated:

  • Ways to prevent human errors and deliverate malicious actions
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for GDPR and other regulations
  • Prevent data leaks both internally and externally
  • Help investigate incidents

Commenting on the workshop, Marios Georgiou, CEO of MAPiTek Technology Solutions said “We have a great partnership with ESET Cyprus and the event has proven to our participants to stay connected with the industry leaders and cybersecurity experts. The event also gave us the opportunity to interact with our clients and share solutions used in various industries”.

MAPiTek with almost 30 years’ experience in the IT market, offers a wide range of IT solutions specializing in Comprehensive IT Support, Networking, Network Security, IT Infrastructure, IT Governance and Security, ERP, Fleet Management Software, CRM and Business Intelligence Systems.

We are committed to a purpose-driven company promoting modern, innovative processes. Our vision is to equip our customers with the most worthwhile, transparent IT solutions that solve problems and inspire change.

ESET is one of he most trusted digital security solution provider in the world with over 110 million users being protected.