MAP S.Platis Group would like to announce the launch of its global IT support service, under the name of MAPiTek. Following the integration of Microstorm Ltd in Cyprus in January 2021, together with our teams of dedicated and specialised IT support in London and Athens, MAPiTek covers the IT business needs of companies of all sizes in the industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, retail, and financial services sectors, both at a local and international level.

With offices in Nicosia, Limassol, Athens and London, MAPiTek provides its clients with comprehensive IT solutions, guaranteeing a customised approach, rapid response time and in-depth knowledge and support.

MAPiTek’s CEO, Marios Georgiou said that, “It has been a very rewarding experience growing MAP S.Platis Group’s Global IT Service proposition with our Team’s invaluable help and resources. We aim to continue to leverage on our wider Group capabilities, technical expertise and knowledge of the IT market to constantly improve our services and grow our business, potentially expanding into new and uncharted territories.”

MAPiTek’s portfolio of services and products now includes:

  • IT Support: Outsourced IT departments to provide companies with end-user computing and desktop management and enhance user experience, performance, productivity and efficiency.
  • Networking: Fully cloud-managed solutions to ensure networks are running smoothly, safely and reliably.
  • Security: Comprehensive security solution that covers the end-user all the way to the entire network and infrastructure.
  • IT Infrastructure: 24/7 monitoring of IT infrastructures to guarantee that proactive measures are taken to avoid risk and reduce downtime.
  • IT Governance: IT audits, Risk Management, ISO guidelines and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans.
  • Web Development: Fully customised cloud solutions covering all software needs including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), fleet management, websites and any other customised software requirements.

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